39. Finding Life Insurance for Diabetics

It is estimated that 1 out of every 10 people in the US today suffer from diabetes. Though a life threatening condition, diabetes can be easily managed and allow one to lead a normal life. All it takes is proper dieting, some body exercise and proper medication. As long as one can maintain a simple life and take his/her medication as prescribed, he/she can live a long healthy life. The only sad news however is that most life insurance providers avoid giving cover to diabetics.

life insuraance for diabetic peopleThe reason why many insurance providers refuse to give life cover to diabetics is due to the fact that, diabetes can be life threatening if not managed well. Even those taking medication and trying to live a healthy life find it very hard to find a policy to buy or use.

Insurance companies that however accommodate diabetics charge exorbitantly in premiums, and this tends to drive most patients away. This however doesn’t mean you cannot find a company charging reasonably for life insurance policies. Nevertheless, finding such companies calls for intensive window shopping for the same.

Affordable Life Insurance Policies for Diabetics

Life insurance for diabetics is beyond doubt more expensive that for healthier persons.  You can however have a policy with affordable premium rates by:

  1. Changing to a healthy lifestyle. i.e. quit smoking and drinking altogether
  2. Take your medication and be proactive by visiting your physician or doctor regularly.
  3. Keep your blood sugar in control, and body in check by exercising regularly.

It is always good to shop around for many insurance providers first. You can get life insurance for diabetics quotes from www.diabeteslifesolutions.com for all the companies, and then compare packages offers and premium rates. Doing this gives you a higher probability to find adequate, and affordable life insurance policies you can use despite your condition. You may also want to consult with an insurance financial adviser before making the final decision. You can also talk with the life insurance providers for a custom-made policy specifically for you.

40. No Exam Life Insurance Policies Can Be Wonderful Opportunities

Choosing a life insurance policy to suit all of your needs isn’t an easy thing to do.  Before issuing a policy, insurance companies calculate risks.  These risk are what determine the cost of the policy.  Individuals who have serious preexisting health problems or who smoke have higher premiums.  That is why purchasing a no exam life insurance policy with a fixed rate might be a better deal for you if you happen to fall into a high risk category.

no exam life insuranceNo exam life insurance polices, in general, are more expensive than policies requiring a medical exam.  They might be your most affordable option, however, if you have a serious medical condition or smoke and are therefore classified as high risk.  Before you purchase a policy, spend some time doing research on several insurance companies along with their policies.

Begin with researching life insurance companies that you know have good reputations in the insurance industry.  Contact the Better Business Bureau or look for customer reviews online.  Review the life insurance policies you are qualified for very carefully, and don’t buy one until you completely understand the costs involved in the premium in addition to exactly what the policy covers.

Applying for Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

Don’t provide any of your personal information during your research phase.  First get quotes by answering some questions about your lifestyle and medical history.  It is very important for you to get multiple quotes so that you can really figure out what your options are, so you can use the simple form on NoMedicalLifeInsurance.net.  Start checking into no exam life insurance policies if all the prices are beyond your budget.

You have two main options at this point.  You can either buy a no exam life insurance policy and be done, or you can start taking steps towards improving your lifestyle and reducing your risk level.  For help with this, consult with your doctor.

41. Why You Need Supplemental Insurance If You Are 65 in Florida

Many people make the mistake of believing that government coverage is going to cover your medical expenses after you turn age 65. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Medicare really only pays roughly 80 per cent or less of medical visits, office procedures and prescriptions. For people who by and large are living on a fixed income, and with rising medical costs, this is wholly inadequate. The cost of many prescriptions that many senior citizens are prescribed on a regular basis can be very high, even after Medicare pays its portion of the costs.

medicare supplement floridaUnfortunately there are many elderly people who are in tremendous debt, and have had to sell their homes and other assets in order just to cover medical bills. When even the simplest of surgeries can cost thousands of dollars that come out of the pocket of the senior citizens, it is an impossible situation. These events leave many seniors broke, discouraged and depressed. Fortunately there are some good alternatives to this situation.

There are many seniors in Florida who cover themselves with a Medigap policy, offered by many different insurance companies. This will work along side of Medicare to cover the gaps that Medicare does not pay. Anyone who is age 65 or older can take advantage of this type of coverage to avoid going broke or going into debt because of medical expenses.

There are several different coverage levels of plans that are available through FloridaMedicareSupplementQuotes.com that will allow the insured senior to choose the plan that will fit their needs the best. It is a good idea to sit down with a broker who represents several of the different companies so you can compare the coverage and the prices. All the plans have the same benefits from company to company, it will just be the prices that will differ. There is also no health requirements if you purchase the plan right when you turn age 65, or you have a qualifying event that does not take pre-existing conditions into account.

42. Disability Insurance: Why It’s Necessary

It may be difficult to picture yourself as disabled to the extent that you are unable to work, earn an income or do much of anything. We often believe that life will go on just as it is without any changes, unfortunately there are many situations where an illness or an injury comes from nowhere and people are unprepared.

Most people won’t recognize the possibility of this happening. They will in fact, think that they are somehow invincible. The truth is, the chances of having a disability are five times greater than someone having a house fire. Perhaps it’s our ability to focus only on the good in life. Perhaps we don’t realize the neighbor that we chat with at the mailbox is actually disabled.  There are many invisible disabilities that often go overlooked by others.

When considering disability insurance, what we really need is to protect the stream of income that we use to pay our bills and live off of the insurance payments.  This especially important for high income earners who are used to a nicer lifestyle than someone working in a factory.  They make disability insurance for doctors and other high income earners who need to protect that high revenue stream.

This is why you need disability insurance. You never know what life may throw at you. Many of us have health insurance but we don’t review the disability portion of said insurance. With Obamacare there are many employers beginning to remove coverages and push employees to search out their own coverage Will you survive? How will you bridge this gap? Purchase disability insurance directly from an insurance brokerage or company in order to secure disability insurance today.

43. The Basics Of Medicare Supplemental Insurance

It is highly recommended that all individuals over the age of 65 years consider investing in Medicare supplemental insurance policies.  By investing in these policies certain health costs will be covered, however there are also those that are not covered and it is important you are aware of this.  This is important to know because you will be required to pay for uncovered health factors by yourself.

If an individual arrives at the point where they rely on a fixed income from Medicare, he/she is less likely to have extra cash to cover any unseen medical expenses.  Due to this potential situation, it may be a good idea to invest in some supplement insurance coverage.  This coverage can be provided for a nominal fee.

The supplemental insurance plans available to individuals are known as Medigap policies and can be obtained for, as is mentioned, nominal charges.  There are various types of policies available from different private insurance companies and they are all labeled with a letter from Medigap plan A to plan N.  It is imperative that you conduct background research into both the company and the Medigap plan to ensure you are obtaining the best option for your requirements.

Certain Medigap policies will charge deductibles and this must be noted.  It may be difficult to determine what these deductibles will be when developing a plan, and this leads to an uncertainty of whether or not one can cover the deductable.  Always discuss this issue with an insurance professional in order to find the best supplemental coverage for you.

Further considerations that should be made will include dental and vision factors.  Some supplemental insurance policies will offer coverage of this sort, but the majority do not.  Many spouses will purchase individual coverage, but you should discuss with a professional as to whether couple policies would be the better option.  Supplemental coverage must be purchased to save money and therefore you must find the correct plan to cover all you need.

44. Your Weight Can Save You Money

Your weight can have a noticeable impact on the premium you pay for a term life insurance policy. This is because weight is a contributing risk factor that can be connected to several other health related problems. Being overweight puts one at greater risk for diabetes, the chance of a heart attack, and stroke. If you lose weight before applying for life insurance, it will lower the cost. Women can also seek out companies that use unisex weight measurements. Credit: Termlife360.com

45. Final Expense Insurance

Also known as burial or funeral insurance, final expense insurance can be a great option for someone who is leaving behind a very small or almost nonexistent estate. It is simply a life insurance policy, but is designed to pay for one’s final expenses; cremation, burial, funeral service, flowers, gravestone, etc. The advantage of this type of insurance policy is that it is very affordable for just about anyone, and is a great option for someone who cannot afford a traditional life insurance policy. Funeral expenses alone can be over $8,000. Most people do not want to pass on this kind of burden to their loved ones, and for them final expense insurance is a viable option. Credit: BurialInsuranceQuotes.org

46. Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Are Identical From State to State

Currently 47 of the 50 states have agreed to utilize the same standardized Medicare supplement plans. Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are the lone exceptions that have mde the decision to adopt their own individual plans. That means that if you purchase a Medicare supplement in California, you are going to receive the identical health coverage as a consumer who purchased the same Medicare supplement in Florida.

This standardization of Medicare supplement plans allows consumers to truly compare apples to apples when shopping for a suitable plan, unlike so many other insurance plans where it is nearly impossible to really evaluate one plan versus another.

47. Medigap Plans Are Identical From Insurer to Insurer

Medicare supplemental insurance plans offers 10 plans to choose from. The coverage offered is identical from insurance carrier to insurance carrier. If you purchase Medicare supplement plan F from Mutual of Omaha, you are going to have the exact same coverage as if you purchased from Aetna.

The only thing that is going to vary between insurance providers is their level of service and the cost of their premiums.

48. The Safe Car Discount

Your car might be able to secure you an additional discount on your insurance policy. Automobiles which are deemed safer and/or less likely to be stolen may qualify for a discount with your insurance provider. Cars that provide safety features for their passengers are less risky to insure. Simple things like air bags, motorized seat belts, anti-lock brakes, and an anti-theft device may qualify you for this discount.