39. Finding Life Insurance for Diabetics

It is estimated that 1 out of every 10 people in the US today suffer from diabetes. Though a life threatening condition, diabetes can be easily managed and allow one to lead a normal life. All it takes is proper dieting, some body exercise and proper medication. As long as one can maintain a simple life and take his/her medication as prescribed, he/she can live a long healthy life. The only sad news however is that most life insurance providers avoid giving cover to diabetics.

life insuraance for diabetic peopleThe reason why many insurance providers refuse to give life cover to diabetics is due to the fact that, diabetes can be life threatening if not managed well. Even those taking medication and trying to live a healthy life find it very hard to find a policy to buy or use.

Insurance companies that however accommodate diabetics charge exorbitantly in premiums, and this tends to drive most patients away. This however doesn’t mean you cannot find a company charging reasonably for life insurance policies. Nevertheless, finding such companies calls for intensive window shopping for the same.

Affordable Life Insurance Policies for Diabetics

Life insurance for diabetics is beyond doubt more expensive that for healthier persons.  You can however have a policy with affordable premium rates by:

  1. Changing to a healthy lifestyle. i.e. quit smoking and drinking altogether
  2. Take your medication and be proactive by visiting your physician or doctor regularly.
  3. Keep your blood sugar in control, and body in check by exercising regularly.

It is always good to shop around for many insurance providers first. You can get life insurance for diabetics quotes from www.diabeteslifesolutions.com for all the companies, and then compare packages offers and premium rates. Doing this gives you a higher probability to find adequate, and affordable life insurance policies you can use despite your condition. You may also want to consult with an insurance financial adviser before making the final decision. You can also talk with the life insurance providers for a custom-made policy specifically for you.

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