40. No Exam Life Insurance Policies Can Be Wonderful Opportunities

Choosing a life insurance policy to suit all of your needs isn’t an easy thing to do.  Before issuing a policy, insurance companies calculate risks.  These risk are what determine the cost of the policy.  Individuals who have serious preexisting health problems or who smoke have higher premiums.  That is why purchasing a no exam life insurance policy with a fixed rate might be a better deal for you if you happen to fall into a high risk category.

no exam life insuranceNo exam life insurance polices, in general, are more expensive than policies requiring a medical exam.  They might be your most affordable option, however, if you have a serious medical condition or smoke and are therefore classified as high risk.  Before you purchase a policy, spend some time doing research on several insurance companies along with their policies.

Begin with researching life insurance companies that you know have good reputations in the insurance industry.  Contact the Better Business Bureau or look for customer reviews online.  Review the life insurance policies you are qualified for very carefully, and don’t buy one until you completely understand the costs involved in the premium in addition to exactly what the policy covers.

Applying for Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

Don’t provide any of your personal information during your research phase.  First get quotes by answering some questions about your lifestyle and medical history.  It is very important for you to get multiple quotes so that you can really figure out what your options are, so you can use the simple form on NoMedicalLifeInsurance.net.  Start checking into no exam life insurance policies if all the prices are beyond your budget.

You have two main options at this point.  You can either buy a no exam life insurance policy and be done, or you can start taking steps towards improving your lifestyle and reducing your risk level.  For help with this, consult with your doctor.

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