42. Disability Insurance: Why It’s Necessary

It may be difficult to picture yourself as disabled to the extent that you are unable to work, earn an income or do much of anything. We often believe that life will go on just as it is without any changes, unfortunately there are many situations where an illness or an injury comes from nowhere and people are unprepared.

Most people won’t recognize the possibility of this happening. They will in fact, think that they are somehow invincible. The truth is, the chances of having a disability are five times greater than someone having a house fire. Perhaps it’s our ability to focus only on the good in life. Perhaps we don’t realize the neighbor that we chat with at the mailbox is actually disabled.  There are many invisible disabilities that often go overlooked by others.

When considering disability insurance, what we really need is to protect the stream of income that we use to pay our bills and live off of the insurance payments.  This especially important for high income earners who are used to a nicer lifestyle than someone working in a factory.  They make disability insurance for doctors and other high income earners who need to protect that high revenue stream.

This is why you need disability insurance. You never know what life may throw at you. Many of us have health insurance but we don’t review the disability portion of said insurance. With Obamacare there are many employers beginning to remove coverages and push employees to search out their own coverage Will you survive? How will you bridge this gap? Purchase disability insurance directly from an insurance brokerage or company in order to secure disability insurance today.

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