How to Find Smokers Life Insurance

Insurance companies typically like to protect themselves against risks. This is the main reason people who jeopardize their health find it a bit more difficult to find life insurance.

Are you a smoker looking for a lucrative and affordable insurance option? Chances are that you’ll have to do a bit more research than other people who are looking for the same product. Still, you’ll come across smokers life insurance options, as long as you know what to look for and how to compare quotes.

Can You Lie about being a Smoker

Some people looking for life insurance consider giving the company false information. Is it ok to lie about being a smoker? This is far from the best idea because providing misleading information about your health or harmful habits is considered fraud.

Usually, insurance companies will ask you to pass a medical exam before signing an agreement with you. The aim of the exam is to establish your health and determine whether you’re suffering from smokers life insurancepre-existing medical conditions. A test assessing the level of cotinine (a nicotine byproduct) could also be administered.

Keep in mind that smokers who are young, fit and healthy aren’t going to be considered a very high risk for the insurance company. Thus, it’s best to be forward about it – chances are there will still be options to find cheap life insurance for smokers.

Buy the Right Amount of Coverage

To keep the cost of smoker’s life insurance within a reasonable limit, you should consider getting insured early on in life. The earlier you make the decision, the lower the premiums are going to be.

Another thing to keep in mind is to buy just enough coverage. Don’t go for an overly-comprehensive option because it’s going to cost you more and chances are that you’ll never use the full coverage.

The amount of life insurance you’re going to buy will depend on whether you’re paying any loans/mortgage, the educational cost for your kids, your income, the length of period for which you need coverage, the insurance that your significant other has and your family medical history (there are certain risk that you should most definitely prepare yourself for).

Lower Your Health Risks in Other Ways

If you’re leading a generally unhealthy lifestyle or you’re currently experiencing health problems, you may want to decrease some of those risks before applying. Improving your overall health could offset the fact that you’re a smoker and give you access to the ideal quote.

You may want to talk to your GP and have your health thoroughly assessed before looking for insurance. Pinpoint some of your biggest problems (obesity, for example) and work on improving those. You should also lower your risk by discontinuing any potentially harmful activities (like bungee jumping and paragliding).



Seek Discounts

Insurance companies have periodical discounts and special promotions. Some of these are available to new clients; others are there for people that have another kind of insurance with the same agency.

Don’t forget to ask for a special offer or a discount, even if the company hasn’t announced one. Chances are that you’ll get a good quote.

Even if you smoke cigarettes, you can still get a good life insurance. The trick is to do your research. Refrain from settling for the first quote, take a look at options side by side and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Needless to say, the right thing to do is quit. If you can’t kick the habit to the curb right now, however, you can still discover great smoker’s life insurance quotes.

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