41. Why You Need Supplemental Insurance If You Are 65 in Florida

Many people make the mistake of believing that government coverage is going to cover your medical expenses after you turn age 65. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Medicare really only pays roughly 80 per cent or less of medical visits, office procedures and prescriptions. For people who by and large are living on a fixed income, and with rising medical costs, this is wholly inadequate. The cost of many prescriptions that many senior citizens are prescribed on a regular basis can be very high, even after Medicare pays its portion of the costs.

medicare supplement floridaUnfortunately there are many elderly people who are in tremendous debt, and have had to sell their homes and other assets in order just to cover medical bills. When even the simplest of surgeries can cost thousands of dollars that come out of the pocket of the senior citizens, it is an impossible situation. These events leave many seniors broke, discouraged and depressed. Fortunately there are some good alternatives to this situation.

There are many seniors in Florida who cover themselves with a Medigap policy, offered by many different insurance companies. This will work along side of Medicare to cover the gaps that Medicare does not pay. Anyone who is age 65 or older can take advantage of this type of coverage to avoid going broke or going into debt because of medical expenses.

There are several different coverage levels of plans that are available through FloridaMedicareSupplementQuotes.com that will allow the insured senior to choose the plan that will fit their needs the best. It is a good idea to sit down with a broker who represents several of the different companies so you can compare the coverage and the prices. All the plans have the same benefits from company to company, it will just be the prices that will differ. There is also no health requirements if you purchase the plan right when you turn age 65, or you have a qualifying event that does not take pre-existing conditions into account.

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